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Black Sustainable Jumper #4 | World Peace (Embroidered)
Blue Sustainable Jumper #3 | Cleaner Oceans (Embroidered)
Cool Black Organic Cotton T-shirt #5 | Respect Nature
Cool Pink Sustainable Jumper #1 | Foster the Forests
Cosy Blue Organic Cotton Beanie #4 | Protect All Animals
Green Sustainable Jumper #2 | Protect all Animals
Inspiring Black Sustainable Hoodie #1 | Cherish Life on Land
New Green Organic Cotton Beanie #3 | Foster the Forests

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Sustainable clothing for men

What is gender neutral clothing?

Gender neutral clothing refers to textiles and accessories not specificially designed for men or woemn. Gender neutral collections can be worn by anyone, regardlesss of their gender identity: they are, as gender-neutral. The movement aims to break away from traditional gender-based clothing bias and stereotypes, and to allow everyone to express themselves in their own true and unique way.

Why is gender neutral clothing important?

By allowing people to wear what they feel comfortable in, gender neutral clothing encourages self-expression, inclusivity and equality.

How is gender neutral clothing different?

Our gender neutral clothing is designed with neutral colours and minimalistic styles. It doesn't include gender-specific features like patterns or symbols, and can be worn by anyone.

Is there a difference between gender neutral and genderless?

By breaking away from traditional gender-based stereotypes, both terms promote inclusivity, equality and self-expression. However, there is a slight difference.

  • Genderless means that it does not have a specific gender.
  • Gender neutral means that it is not biased towards or against a specific gender.

Our sustainable clothing aims to be both genderless and gender neutral, and so, we use both terms almost interchangeably throughout our ethical shop.

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