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What's Konsciouskind? A brief introduction

Konsciouskind is premium ethical fashion. As a leading ethical clothing brand, we are committed to having a positive impact in the world.

Our unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing is reflected in our use of only the finest sustainable materials in our clothing. We reject fast fashion's wasteful model and draw inspiration from Japanese tradition, where respect for nature is paramount.

Our diverse range of ethically-made clothing and eco-friendly products offer an unparalleled shopping experience that sets us apart from other "ethical" brands. Experience the pinnacle of ethical fashion with Konsciouskind."

Sustainable jumpers

Why will you love shopping from our ethical clothing shop?

Our sustainable ethical clothing has a key advantage over the market average: what you shop here will meet your moral standards, values and beliefs. Our sustainable clothes have a low carbon footprint, a low water footprint and are made with organic or recycled materials such as recycled polyester, as certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS), among others. In other words, here you will find the best ethical and eco friendly clothing!

Global Organic Textile Standard logo Organic Content Standard 100 logo

Organic cotton t-shirts

A Japanese-influenced natural collection to promote sustainability?

Our designs are inspired by Japanese art and culture, both of which are deeply respectful of nature. Likewise, our designs include sustainability inspiring messages to help you influence your friends to live more sustainably. Take a peek at our Foster the Forests | Sustainable Jumper No.3 or our Respect Nature | Organic Beanie No.1 and see our designs in action.

Organic cotton beanies

Zero waste ethical fashion, how?

The fashion industry is generally wasteful. BUT, unlike typical fashion brands, we only produce to order, so our clothes are virtually zero waste. In our ethical online shop, you can find ethical and sustainable clothing with value. These quality clothes are sustainably made to last, with organic and recycled materials, durability and comfort in mind. Ours is affordable sustainable clothing, cheaper for the people, the planet and your pocket. Shop here and reduce waste!

How do I know this ethical shop is actually ethical?

We are a proud British brand offering officially certified textiles. We do this for peace of mind, but also for responsibility.

Can I learn more about your approach to sustainable fashion?

Everyone involved in the supply chain of our ethical clothing works in fair conditions and receives a living wage. Want to learn more? Head to our way to sustainable fashion section. For product-specific data, you can also head to their category archive FAQ.

New in?

We are always keen to explore a new sustainable material, a clothing style or eco friendly products. Some options we are currently investigating include jewellery and stationery. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned with updates and exclusive offers!

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