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Inspiring Black Sustainable Hoodie #1 | Cherish Life on Land
ss - mm - ll - xlxl - 2xl2xl
ss - mm - ll - xlxl - 2xl2xl
Sustainable Hoodie | Pride Hoodie (LGBTQ+)
xsxs - ss - mm - ll - xlxl - 2xl2xl
xsxs - ss - mm - ll - xlxl - 2xl2xl
Blue FogOff WhiteSageSoft RoseWhite
Blue FogOff WhiteSageSoft RoseWhite
Sustainable Save the Bees Hoodie #2 | For the Bees
ss - mm - ll - xlxl - 2xl2xl
ss - mm - ll - xlxl - 2xl2xl

100% certified sustainable clothing

Organic, recycled, ethically made, zero waste, vegan… does sustainable clothing get any better than this?

Sustainability in our hoodies

What sustainable materials are these hoodies made of?

Our hoodies are made of recycled polyester and organic cotton natural fibres - the perfect combination for keeping your body warm and cosy while reducing your impact on the environment! Organic and recycled materials for the win.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action

How do we ensure responsible consumption? With zero waste

We believe that it's time to slow down the fast-paced, wasteful fashion industry and help customers make better decisions about what they wear. That's why we only manufacture our sustainable hoodies on order, which helps us reduce the usage of materials and achieve virtually zero waste clothes.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Where do our sustainable hoodies come from?

When you shop from us, you'll get a high quality sustainable hoodie made with care by ethical manufacturers with third party sustainable certifications in China or Bangladesh. Not only these help verify the origin of the recycled polyester and organic cotton used in the fabrics, but also the fair working conditions of the workers involved in the knit and yarn production.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Technical info about our sustainable hoodie

Which sizes are available?

You can find these in a range of sizes: small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. Details about our hoodie sizes including length and chest circumference can be found on each product page, in the size guide.


What colours are available?

We are currently offering black and white hoodies. However, if you are after a different colour, don't hesitate to shoot us a message and we'll check if we can make it especially for you.

For men or for women? Both!

Whether you are a man or a woman, our hoodies are unisex and will be sure to fit you. Make sure you check the size guide when shopping.

Konsciouskind's version of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality

How thick are these sustainable hoodies?

Our sustainable hoodies have a polyester plus cotton density varying between 280 and 350 g/m². Keep an eye on the technical data tab on each hoodie page for more details. We recommend the thicker ones for cosy winter days.

How much does a hoodie weigh?

Our sustainable hoodie weighs between 0.35 and 0.41 kg

Extra info

Do you have any questions?

Whether related to our sustainable hoodies, general sustainable clothing, our brand, our view on sustainability or our design style, shoot them over through our contact form or via our Instagram.

Male model wearing Konsciouskind's gender neutral fashion: a white organic cotton t-shirt with a gender equality logo design

Our way to sustainable fashion

Advocating for sustainability

We are a sustainable clothing brand based in the UK, striving to offer you quality affordable sustainable fashion which go beyond their original function. Our clothes are designed to help you promote sustainability daily. All you have to do is wear your Konsciouskind clothes.

No to fast fashion

We are a slow fashion sustainable brand. We believe that it’s time to slow down the fast-paced, wasteful fashion industry and help you, customers, make better decisions about what you wear.

Our model is the complete opposite of high-street fast fashion brands: we only make our sustainable clothing on order. Our production processes help us drastically reduce waste and material usage to achieve virtually zero clothing waste.

As a result, if you choose Konsciouskind, the environmental impact of your new clothes is reduced remarkably.

Only sustainable materials

As a sustainable fashion brand, we never contemplated alternatives: our sustainable fashion is cruelty-free and has always been made with recycled materials and sustainable fabrics.

These range from certified organic cotton cultivated in farms with fair working conditions to recycled polyester (rPET) made from plastic bottles.

Say no to polluting chemicals and soil over-exploitation. Choose our Konsciouskind sustainable materials, reduce your environmental impact and drive change.

Sustainability in our supply chain

We’re not interested in empty claims and we know neither are you. We want to make sure our sustainable fashion is indeed sustainable.

Sustainability is a top priority for us at Konsciouskind and we make every effort to ensure it. We partner with suppliers who use sustainable materials and a have a responsible supply chain. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that the makers of the garment work under fair working conditions and are paid a living wage.

You can look at other sustainable brands, and you will see: sustainable fashion doesn’t get any better than Konsciouskind. Want to learn more? Read about our sustainable supply chain and the quality of our clothes.

Driving change with fashion

Fashion experts from Vogue agree: “As a visual medium, fashion is on the front line of communication. In the blink of an eye, an outfit can say what may be impossible or too impolitic to put into words.“. In a more fundamental level, a piece of clothing can easily spark the beginning of a conversation to help you advocate for sustainability and to influence others.

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